Those who are in the midst of a drug addiction do not know how dependent and entrenched in it they are.

At our addiction recovery center, we provide every client who enters our program with a fully customized schedule for addiction recovery treatment. We know that a personalized plan for treatment will always be more effective than a one-size-fits-all schedule which fails to take into account an individual’s needs. By providing a number of different addiction recovery treatment strategies, we can be sure that every client who enters our addiction recovery program has the tools necessary to reach their recovery goals. At our drug rehab center, we are dedicated to helping our clients reach recovery, no matter what led them to addiction to begin with.


    When you think of a substance abuse treatment center, it is very likely that you think of the therapy programs that they provide there.


    There is a very good reason for this: therapy forms the foundation for our entire addiction recovery program.


    In order to provide all of our clients with the necessary support to reach their recovery goals, we have a variety of different types of therapy programs.


During individual therapy, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with one our addiction specialists on a one-on-one basis. This will give you the chance to share any personal thoughts that you might have, but which you might feel uncomfortable sharing in a group setting. During individual therapy, you can be confident that none of the information you share will be broadcast elsewhere without your express permission.


For some clients, group therapy can seem daunting at first. However, many clients are surprised to learn that group therapy quickly becomes one of their favorite parts of treatment! During group therapy, you’ll meet with your fellow clients to discuss your experiences and share your wisdom. You may be surprised to learn how much you can learn from listening to the experiences of your peers, and you may be surprised to learn how rewarding it can be to share your personal experiences with others!


One of the best aspects of group therapy is the fact that it can sometimes form the foundation of a sober support system that can last well beyond your time at our drug rehab center. It is important to rely upon one another during group therapy, and that sense of community can prove so appealing that sometimes these groups last after the clients have graduated from our addiction recovery program.